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Terça-feira, 16 de Dezembro de 2008
EBAN acolhe fundos de seed capital como membros de pleno direito

Tendo como objectivo inicial a representação dos Business Angels ao nível europeu, a EBAN passa agora a representar também os fundos e restantes investidores de seed capital que realizem investimentos inferiores a 3 milhões de euros.

Comunicado de Imprensa

EBAN becomes the European trade association for early stage investors by creating a full membership category for early stage and seed funds.


Historically serving business angels, who have increasingly been syndicating and co-investing with seed funds to close the equity gap, EBAN is happy to welcome seed funds as full members.


EBAN was set up in 1999 by a few pioneer angel groups across Europe in an effort to raise awareness on the importance of angel investing for the growth of highly innovative businesses. In 2008, this objective is still valid, as new networks are being created across the continent – and the world – to match high net worth individuals who have management and entrepreneurial experience with high potential start-ups.


In 1999, only 50 business angel networks were identified across Europe to support high growth start-ups, with more than half operating in the UK. EBAN recorded at the beginning of 2008 close to 300 angel groups in operation being located in the majority of EU27 member states. The growth of this market space has been impressive, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.


In parallel, venture capital activity has moved to the later stages of the financing chain, creating the infamous equity gap, acknowledged now by most European policy makers and analysts as being the gap between 500.000€ and 3 million€ where companies have the most difficulties to access finance. This has created a need for early stage financiers, including business angels and early stage and seed venture capital funds, to work together to bridge this gap and to increase their collaboration with venture capital funds at the later stages (3 million€ onwards).


EBAN has followed the evolution of the market, growing from a 15 member to a 90 member strong organization from 2000 to 2008, including members from close to 30 countries in Europe and beyond.  It is the voice for the European business angel community today, and will seek by opening its membership to early stage and seed venture capital funds, to become the voice for financiers involved in bridging the equity gap and helping high growth potential companies to realize this potential and hopefully become world leaders.


“This is a great opportunity for business angel groups and early stage funds to get to know each other better and start collaborating across borders. In today’s challenging economic climate, syndication and collaboration among early stage actors and beyond funds and groups is essential to make sure that Europe does not let needs from great ideas and entrepreneurs unmet. We are confident that early stage and seed venture capital funds will respond with enthusiasm to this initiative and are already looking forward to welcome representatives from their community on our Board and at our next Annual Congress which will take place on  27/28 April 2009 in Madrid. EBAN will also rebrand its communication material and in particular its website in Q1 2009 to reflect this evolution.” says Anthony Clarke, President of EBAN.


Early stage and seed venture capital funds interested by this exciting opportunity of joining the early stage investment community and willing to build sustainable partnerships across borders should contact:


Claire Munck,, +32 2 741 24 70.

More information at and on request.

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